Art, expression, and communication is critical to social change. 


As a person of privilege in social justice, I find purpose in building bridges between different communities, and I have passion in doing that through storytelling and visual design.

I believe in the power of how something makes you feel - from an annual report for stakeholders to a project budget for staff - the way something looks affects your understanding.

I can work with you on small projects, or lead larger teams. I'm a skilled listener and translator between staff and designers - helping them through a collaborative process to understand each other to achieve the best result.


I lean on my own technical experience, personal aesthetic, writing skills, and strategic thinking to bring ideas to life and create something that helps everyone be seen and heard.


Let's tell stories together. 



All my communications projects have been achieved through collaborations with different people from data analysts to illustrators, from communications firms to individual artists. 


I'm a self-taught graphic and web designer that understands the mission, pace, and work of foundations, nonprofits and activists.

"Devi's understanding of the creative process was key to me quickly interpreting what was required while often working under tight deadlines. Through Devi’s clear communication I was able to deliver material that not only answered the brief, but brought the ideas she imagined to life.

Devi is an artistic, intelligent and easy-going collaborator. She has a strong eye for design and illustration and I would have no problem recommending her as a creative director overseeing a project with others, or as a designer taking on a brief on her own."

------ Steve Tierney,
Art Director, Alike Creative


Below is a sample of my work and brief description of my role in each project.

*I have a knack for naming things - I contributed the name for almost all of the works featured. 

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